About Tif

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Tif spent the latter half of her childhood in New Hampshire. Drawing came naturally to Tif as a child. Through the careful observation of cartoons and books, she began formulating her own characters and techniques. It was this love of cartooning that brought Tif into the journalism world. At age 19, after having received the Art Academic Award (Londonderry High School, 1999) and Donahue Arts Scholarship (private company, 1999), Tif moved to southern California. There she landed a job drawing editorial cartoons and line Illustrations for the Los Angeles Valley Star. It was while working at the Star that Tif decided to go back to school, completing her Associates degree in Journalism at Los Angeles Valley College.

Tif won many awards for her writing and editorial cartoons during this time including first place mail-in editorial cartoon (Journalism Association of Community Colleges, 2005), fourth place on-the-spot feature writing (Journalism Association of Community Colleges, 2005) and third place on-the-spot feature writing (Journalism Association of Community Colleges, 2004).

After moving back to New Hampshire in the summer of 2005, Tif worked independently writing and illustrating for various online publications and companies including: Grandparents as Parents (GAP), Sonny's Olde Fashioned Marketplace and iCandye Consulting. In May 2010, Tif received a BFA in Illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She is currently working as a free lance Illustrator and has future plans to pursue an MFA. With that said, Tif still wants to further her artwork and is open to commission work.


Fine Art, Graphic Design, Custom Portraits, Commercial Art, Web Design, Social Media Promotion, Editing and Writing