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November 2014

I am happy to post that I made it into The New Hampshire Institute of Arts Annual Juried Alumni Exhibition! The Kimball Jenkins School of Art in Concord, NH is hosting this years show, running from November 3rd - 28th, 2014. Come see amazing art by Institute graduates. Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony on Friday, November 7th. Hope to see you there!

October 2014

New News!! That is right, about time!

So for quite a while, I sported a Logo that spat in the face of many designers. I heard the comments, "Tif, CurlzMT... really?" and so on. Often I would shrug the comments off. I happened to like CurlzMT and felt confident my skills as a designer would speak for itself.  Perhaps I lost business because of this attitude, perhaps not. 
I'll never know.

Hell, I even like Comic Sans. There I said it. Sue me.

Many years ago, when I was first thinking up an actual logo for Tif Does Art, I came across this fine ARTICLE. It lists a brief history behind the font and views pro/con about the typeface. 
Frankly, I always preferred Comic Sans to Times New Roman, not really a serif kind a gal. 

Another wonderful reason I liked CurlzMT, I didn't have to worry about anyone coming out of the woodwork screaming, "that's my font and I won't allow it for commercial use!" CurlzMT, although not as widespread as Comic Sans is used quite a lot. So no worries for me, well that is a yay in my book folks!

But recently, I began to tire of my logo. I decided to revamp it to one I felt reflected more of what Tif Does Art is about. Not to say I don't like my old logo, but I feel it was time to move on. 
Without further ado, here is the new logo:

Tif Does Art Super Nifty Logo 2014

Adios old Logo Below:
Honestly speaking, the new logo is significantly bolder as well. 
Always a plus when you're a freelance artist trying to get noticed.  

 Tif Does Art Old Logo 2010-2014

In addition to the new logo, I decided to revamp the Gallery section of my website. 
I wanted something easy to navigate that showed off my work in not only an attractive, but convenient way.
Didn't want to use JQuery due to it's stability issues and it was quite a you-know-what creating code that would actually work with multiple browsers. I truly like the outcome and I hope you do too!

October 2013

It has been a while since I have updated my news feed. Have been working on a lot of custom commissions, including this piece from a groom to his bride. This is the first piece I photographed from start to finish and I was excited with the outcome.
After an array of digital requests, it was wonderful to paint again!

Below is a quick evolution of a painting commission I completed. 
From the original thumbnail, to the final image, it is fun to watch a painting come to life...

Sun and Moon Painting Evolution 2013

September 2013

Once again, I will be featuring my artwork at the 44th Annual Littleton Art Show!!
Don't forget to save the date: Sunday, September 1, 2013 from 9:00am - 5:00pm!

 44th Littleton Art Show Banner

August 2013

Happy to say that I once again feature my artwork at the 60th Greeley Park Art Show in Nashua, NH!

Save the date: August 17, 2013 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm!

March 2013

As the title suggests, I will once again be featuring my work at the Coffee Factory Cafe and Roastery in Derry NH! My work will be up for only the month of March, so please check it out!
Will post pictures after I set my exhibit up...

January 2013

I will be featuring work again at the 11th Annual Minumental exhibit in the New Hampshire Institute of Artís   French Building gallery, from Jan. 25 through Feb. 14th 2013!!

For more information about this exhibit please check out this LINK!

December 2012

This is a bit late, but I wanted to post a few pics of my work at the Soo Rye Gallery's Winter Salon Show.
Thirty different artists were featured in this juried show and I was very happy to be a part of it! :) 
This was my last event for 2012, let's hope I will find several more events for 2013!!

View of my work at the Soo Rye Gallery.

Larger shot of the gallery, my work is off to the right.

Closer shot of my work.

November 2012

I will be displaying work at the Soo Rye Art Gallery's Winter Salon Exhibit
The opening Reception is Saturday November 10th 5-8pm! Hope to see you there!

September 2012

After some considerable thought, I decided to revamp my website! Everything was made bigger in hopes that it will look better on larger resolution screens. Granted the bigger size now means some of my thumbnails are pixelated, but when I have the time, I will remake all of them to accommodate the newer size.

Another new feature on my webbie is the links button! This portion of the site includes links to my various friends and families websites! Please take the time to visit these wonderful sites and show your support! They include a number of varied interests and you never know what you will find! ;)

A few weeks ago, I exhibited work at the 59th Annual Greeley Park Art Show! Below are a few shots of my tent! Thank-you to all that showed up and gave me your support! The event turned out to be a great success and I was even able to reconnect with a few of my old clients! Hopefully more will come... hee!

Close Interior View of my Tent at Greeley Park 2012. 
Thanks dad for helping me set up!

View of my Tent from the side!

Close up on Interior Panel Featuring many different examples of my art!

View of the back panel and table of prints!

Close up of my small table featuring Becca's Beasties on the right!!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do as many art fairs as I did last year. I have applied to exhibit work at a year end Salon Style Show. I will provide additional details as they become available!!

June 2012

I will be displaying art along with Pop Up Portsmouth at the Salmon Falls Mills in Rollinsford, NH!
Please come show your support while enjoying live music!

Want to get more information?
Then visit The Artist's of Salmon Falls Mills webbie!

Thank you so much for your support!!
Hope to see you there! ;)

April 2012

On one of my last shows, I was quoted in a news article! Curious what it says? Read HERE!!

Interior Shot at the Work's Bakery Cafe 2012
(I am the figure seated on the far bottom of the picture... green scarf and all!)

March 2012

I finally have some photos from my current exhibitions that I am very proud to show.
They are currently ongoing at both the Works Bakery Cafe in Portsmouth, NH and the Coffee Factory in Derry, NH.
Please stop by and check out the beautiful artwork!!

Interior Shot at the Work's Bakery Cafe 2012
(You can see my pastel drawings and colorful tree painting in the far right corner)

Interior Shot at the Work's Bakery Cafe (with Swamp Bear Playing) 2012

Another Interior Shot of the Works Bakery Cafe with Howll seated 2012
(You can see both my blue and orange tree paintings in the corner with my pastel drawings)

My Work at the Coffee Factory Bakery and Cafe 2012

February 2012
After the rush of the holiday season, I am very happy to have some time for myself and my art!
I haven''t been able to start as many new projects as I was hoping for,
but I am happy to have venues to showcase the few works I was able to put together.

The first exhibition I am showing work at is: Pop Up Portsmouth @ The Works Cafe with Swampbear AND Howll

The opening reception is Friday, Feb. 3, from 5:30-7pm! Please stop by and show your support while listening to good music and enjoying great art! You can read HERE for more info about this exhibit!

My work is also being displayed at The Coffee Factory Cafe and Roastery in Derry NH and I have an upcoming show in April at The Steez Gallery in Nashua, NH. I will post info about that as the event draws nearer!

November 2011
I've been invited to show work at: Pop Up Portsmouth @ The Salmon Falls Mills Open Studios!!!

I am very excited to participate in this event!! The show is running this Saturday. Nov. 19th from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and will feature work from many amazing area artists, so stop by and show your support! :)

In other news...

For many months I have been painstakingly designing a web page for my art work!! No I am NOT a web designer, but I wanted to design a website that was similar in style to my blog and much more importantly...

I wanted to do the work myself.

After A LOT of trial and error, I completed it... though I believe I could have made the portfolio area better (I won't bore you with details how long it took me to figure out how to create the darn thing). Unfortunately, I designed the HTML code all in one document (with multiple pages), so it may take a moment or two to load. Hopefully I will figure out how to separate the one large document into separate files that will allow users to navigate the site more efficiently. Until then, enjoy my new site: Tif Does Art

August 2011
So the past two weekends, my art has been shown in both the Greeley Park Art Show and Manchester Art in the Park. They were my first real art fairs since Art Attack and I am pleased to report, they were a major success! At Greeley, my work, "Fear" won second place in the Drawing category and I took home two tickets to the Symphony.

Below are a few pics of my tent/time at Greeley:

Full View of my Tent at Greeley Park.
Thanks dad for the beautiful wooden display panels!

Interior shot of Tent with view of my award winning drawing!

More Interior Shots of my tent!

Even more Interior Shots of my tent!

My dad and me in front of my award winning drawing!!

My wonderful hubby Mike in front of the drawing he posed for!
Thanks for being a wonderful sitter Mike!

Even with the threat of Hurricane Irene looming, I was lucky that the Manchester Art in the Park ran today and even luckier to have made a few sales and future commission work. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the fair continues as scheduled tomorrow!

Flyer for the Manchester Art in the Park!
They used one of my paintings in the lower right hand corner, hee!

Interior shot of Tent... getting better at the setup!

My trooper of a husband who came along to support his misses!

Next weekend I will be showing at the Keene Art in The Park! Here's to hoping it will be a great weekend weather-wise! Hope to see you there!

July 2011
It has been a busy last couple of months!! I have been lucky that my work has received some recognition and I was even invited to participate in a few art fairs and gallery shows. Below are pics from my time at the Steez Gallery (located in Nashua, NH) and Art Attack (located at Victory Park: Manchester, NH every Sept/May) I also have three upcoming fairs I will be participating in this August and Sept. I will list the dates below!!

"The Steez Gallery: Photo Uno" 2011
(You can see my colorful tree paintings on the right hand side.)

"The Steez Gallery: Photo Dos" 2011
(You can see my colorful tree paintings on the left hand side and center.)

"The Steez Gallery: Photo Tres" 2011
(You can see my colorful tree paintings on the right hand side.)

"The Steez Gallery: Photo Uno" 2011
(You can see my colorful tree painting on the left hand side.)

"Art Attack: Summer 2011" 2011
(My wonderful husband and me in front of my table of goodies.)

Thanks for taking a look at some of the pics I acquired from my art shows/fairs! Now, as promised, here is a list of the future shows I will be showing in!!

Manchester Art in the Park
Sponsored by the Manchester Arts Asscoiation (MAA)
Where: Veteran's Park Manchester, NH When: Sat and Sun: August 27th and 28th
Keene Art in the Park
Sponsored by Monadnock Area Artists Association
Where: Ashuelot River Park Keene, NH
When: Sat and Sun: September 3rd and 4th
Littleton Art Show
Sponsored by the town of Littleton, NH
Where: Main Street, Littleton, NH
When: Sat: September 24th

November 2010
I am being featured along with several other artists in the upcoming Precious exhibition at the Soo Rye Art Gallery in Rye, N.H. Please come and show your support!
Here are two flyers! Feel free to e-mail them around! *dances*

You STILL want to see EVEN older news?? Then visit my online blog to see all my past posts!